Panning for bits of excellence in the river of my mind …

Dude … ads? Really??

I know, it’s a brand new blog and I already have Amazon ads on here. All I can say is, it’s a habit. I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for many years now and the ads have not only paid for my hosting and domains, I’ve managed to eke out a decent profit each year. It’s nothing that would pay the bills but it’s better than I’ve gotten from any bank.

Here’s another one.

One of the best ideas I ever had for an article was after I lost the USB connector for my wireless mouse and I had to figure out how to replace it without replacing the mouse. It turns out that, with Logitech’s unifying receiver technology, you can replace lost dongles AND you can attach multiple devices through the same wireless receiver. Since I like to share that kind of information, I wrote a quick article on it and I’ve probably sold a few hundred of them at this point. It’s still the most popular article on my site which is a little disheartening considering some of the work I put into the technical articles but hey, it meets a need.

Oh, there I go again …

I haven’t gotten any complaints about them so far but if they trigger a kind of burning and unquenchable rage within you at this infiltration by our corporate overlords, I apologize. I have always kept them within reason on my sites – no popups or flyovers, no auto-starting videos – and I try to keep them relevant to the audience.

Oh, man … how’d that get in here??