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Your Daily Pep Talk

While wasting my extra “Fall Back” hour on Facebook, I found the Pep Talk Generator you see here posted by a friend. I’ve been trying to get myself to do more recreational programming lately, despite the obvious but completely undocumented mental health hazards involved. So, of course, I saw this as a great chance to throw together some JavaScript. Thus, without further delay, I bring you …


Test Post, please ignore.

This page, and the button above, takes random phrases from the Pep Talk Generator and assembles them into one line. Every time you refresh the page or click on the button, the code runs and instantly updates it.

If you would like to learn how to do fun stuff like this, check out W3Schools JavaScript tutorial. It’s one of many free resources on the web where you can learn to program.

The Advanced Ads plugin made adding JavaScript to this post (reasonably) easy.

Thanks also go to The Racoon Society from whose site you can obtain an art print of the Pep Talk Generator and other fun stuff for your home or office.