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My Latest Videos

I’ve finally gotten back to making instructional videos on a regular basis and I’ve posted a few just in the past week. Early in 2020, I created most of an online course called Managing Your Data with Microsoft Access but other things intervened before I could finish the last couple of chapters. Now the course is pretty well finished with 5 1/2 hours of instruction and available for just $34.99. As a bonus, several of the videos are available as a free preview so you can have the chance to check out the course before buying.

This series is an expansion on my earlier series Microsoft Access: The Nickel Tour which demonstrates the very basics of Access and is still available on YouTube.

I really am trying to move beyond Microsoft Access so I also uploaded a short, free course on C# programming to YouTube. The Discovering C# series demonstrates just how easy it is to create your first C# application with the 52-Pickup program. This is a small application that demonstrates a number of concepts including the use of images in Visual Studio, programmatic creation of form controls and looping operations within collections.

By far, the most popular videos on my YouTube channel have been a couple that I created for my students when I was teaching programming back in 2018. A two-parter on creating custom user controls and events in C# have received a lot of good responses which showed me that people are still looking for guidance with the language.

Of course, while creating all of these videos, I gained quite a bit of experience with Camtasia and put together a couple more videos about how to deal with performances issues on longer video projects and equalize your audio in the absence of an actual equalizer in Camtasia.

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